Here is a synopsis of the meeting held May 22nd with regard to the development of the land located between Sequoia Hills subdivision and the middle school:
1. Because of sewer restrictions, the property must be developed as a single parcel and cannot be subdivided for single family homes.
2. Zoning request will be for R12 (12 units per acre).
3. 79 condo units are planned to be built (single story duplexes along the Sequoia Hills boundary, 2-story 4 and 5 unit condos along the boundary with the school).
4. Main entrance/exit on to LaGrange with a secondary access through Sequoia Hills via an extension of Heartwood Street.
5. Condos will be owned (will not be an “apartment complex”).
6. Approximate timeline would be to break ground Spring, 2018.
7. Zoning application will be submitted to the county next week.
Needless to say, those in attendance were not happy with what is planned. The next step will be to attend upcoming public hearings to voice your concerns to county officials. We will post meeting times/locations when we know more.
Sequoia Grove HOA
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